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Our Mission & Core Competencies

  • We believe in fostering life-long learners. Steins students develop strong communication skills including listening, speaking, writing, reading, and reflection through experiential education. Academic mastery is optimized through a thoughtful balance of interdisciplinary study and authentic experience.
  • We believe in developing innovators. Through taking risks in a safe, inclusive, and diverse community, students develop collaboration skills that foster a shared voice. 
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to live and work sustainably within our community and environment. 
  • We believe in looking to the future. Inclusiveness, transparency, and diverse community help our students become career minded and visionary thinkers. 
  • We believe in stewardship and the power of serving our community. Steins students are caring citizens of the world. 
  • We believe in being life-fit. Our school is a place to build physical and socio-emotional health as well as intellectual character. 

Leadership Team

Jonathan Oelkers

Jim Bates


Sarah Klann

Sarah Klann

Instructional Coach

Steins Pillar Elementary

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